1. FACE

Eminence Express:

Take a brief journey back to nature with handpicked ingredients from organically grown fruits and herbs. Start with a light yet invigorating exfoliation, followed by a masque packed with the fresh pulps and juices of peaches, cherries, carrots or pumpkins. A serum and fresh whipped moisturiser complete the journey, leaving your skin clear, balanced and revitalised.

30 min $73


Eminence Experience: (signature of Eminence customised for all skin types)

An amazing treatment that needs to be seen to be believed. This exfoliating, stimulating facial uses the natural AHA's found in apples and grapes to remove dry dead skin and clear clogged pores. Paprika and other herbs dramatically increase blood flow to the skin detoxifying and increasing cellular renewal leaving the skin glowing, toned and smooth. A customised organic facial perfect for treating aging, sun damaged or troubled skin types.

60 min $109


Berry Refined Firming Peel (firming, exfoliating, pore minimising and detoxifying for all skin types)

Reveal a plumped and smoothed skin with the help of this exfoliating and pore minimising treat. A yummy fruit cocktail of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, infuses the skin with antioxidants and tightens tissues. The refining and rejuvenating properties of berries, along with detoxifying and stimulating paprika are certain to take years off your skin, leaving behind a youthful glow.

60 min $109


Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Facial (all skins, rosacea, sensitive & acne prone)

A natural peel that can be used on sensitive skin. The synergitic blend of naturally derived acids are beneficial for reducing hyper-pigmentation and inflammation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. All the acids are sourced from natural elements such as hibiscus flower, grains, bitter almond and sugar, offering the natural approach of a peel.

60 min $109


Mangosteen Lactic Pro Peel (suitable for sensitive skin)

Provides a pore refining treatment by removing impurities and dead skin cells also minimising pores and smoothing the skin.

60 min $109


Stone Crop Body Treatment 

A gentle sugar and salt scrub that buffs away dull, dry skin cells and sets the stage for hydration and a  lightweight oil that softens all over. A contouring cream helps you reduce the appearance of cellulite while a restorative wrap imparts the healing benefits. 

45 mins $109

60 mins $120 (includes a mini facial)




Hand & Foot Treatments



Includes soaking, exfoliating, shape, buff, cutting and conditioning of cuticles, massage and polish.




Includes foot spa, exfoliating, removing dead skin, clipping, shape, buff, cutting of cuticles, massage and polish.


File and polish

Includes shape, buff, cutting of cuticles and polish.